Joystiq hands-on: Burnout Paradise

I love the Burnout games, since I first played Burnout 2 on GameCube many years ago. Burnout Revenge on Xbox 360 have been played for around 300 hours acording to the games statistics. And I’m looking forward to the new Burnout Paradise. My only problem is, shout I buy the PS3 version or the Xbxo 360 version? had a hands-on of the game yesterday. Here’s some quite from that:

Burnout’s fundamental change puts up to eight drivers moving through the vast city at the same time. Instead connecting from a lobby to load a single race, players can explore the whole Burnout world without waiting for new levels. Burnout comes across as a sandbox; I spent much of my time exploring the streets and jumping off ramps, oblivious to any premeditated game goals.

Ward didn’t have a specific square area, but he estimated Paradise City to be about 15-to-17 Burnout tracks merged together. It felt big. I found mountain passes and rural areas outside of town. When I turned around to go back to the city, the urban landscape looked like a single dense spot, just like a real metropolis from a distance. But when I made it downtown, I was surrounded by detailed buildings, completely obstructed from the previous vantage point.

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The game can already be pre-order from: (US release – January 21, 2008) (European release – February 23, 2008)