The Simpsons Game

There have been many Simpsons game in the past, but from what I can recall, they haven’t been that good. But that is about to change, I think.

A demo of the new game, The Simpsons Game, was released on Xbox Live today. I’ve downloaded it and played it a while, and I think it’s good. I’ve been wanting this game since I saw the first videoclips. The game realy look like a cartoon. So yes, I will by this game (the Xbox 360 version).

The game will be released in end of October, early November, depending on where you live. It will be released on PS2, PS3, PSP, Nintendo Wii, DS and Xbox 360.

The Simpsons Game can be pre-ordered from Amazon. com (US version), (Euro version) and (US and Asia version).
The screenshots is taken from my HDTV and represent the Xbox 360 version.