Virtual Console games – Europe – Friday, October 12

Europe got two new VC games today.

Probotector II – Return of the Evil Forces
NES – 1992 by Konami – action – 1-2 players – 500 points – Age 7+


In the year 2634, Earth has finaly escaped from the hand of Black Magic, one year after the end of the war with the mysterious alien army… Or has it?

One day, a strange radio message comes in from General Hal of the Federation troops as he heads for the South American base ruins in preparation for the seventh GX Army manoeuvres.

“Friendly GX troops have suddenly turned their weapons on us! No, it can’t be! They’re not human! They must bee…”

The message cuts off. The commanding officers of the Federation troops dispatch Probotectors RD008 and RC011, the strongest fighting robots in history, on a top secret mission to find General Hal.

Once again the fight to the death between the Probotectors and the aliens has begun!

Super Metroid
Super Nintendo – 1994 by Nintendo – action – 1 player – 800 points – Age 7+

With the last Metroid in captivity, the galaxy is at peace. But when Space Pirates snatch the larva for their own evil purposes, bounty hunter Samus Aran must spring into action once again!

Return to the labyrinthine underwold of Planet Zebes and explore deeper than ever before, using new abilities like the Grappling Beam and X-Ray Scope, and battle massive bosses with an awesome arsenal of beams, missiles and bombs.

Super Metroid is renowned as one of the greatest 2D action games ever made, and paved the way for the Metroid Prime series with its innovative map system, diverse range of weapons and suits, and wealth of secrets to discover.