New Virtual Console games – Europe – Friday, October 19

Europe got three new Virtual Console games to download on Wii this Friday.

Castlevania II – Simon’s Quest
NES – 1990 by Konami – action – 1 player – 500 points – Age 7+

So you though you had the Prince of Darkness defanged, eh, Simon Belmont? Well, think again, because Castlevania was a piece of cake compared to this vile curse!

According to a damsel in distress, the evil Count Dracula has left a horrifying curse in his wake – and the only hope you have of ending the terror is to destroy his missing body arts!

On this frightening quest, you must explore a maze of mansions, graveyards and dark, eerie forests – each guarded by man-eating wrewolves, firethrowing zombies and other devilishes demons.

Your slim hopes of success are kept alive in Transylvania, where terrified villagers offer clues to the whereabouts of Dracula’s remains. You can also purchase magic weapons, including silver knives and flame whips.

But beware the night. For when the sun disappears, Dracula’s curse grows deadlier and your chances grow dimmer and dimmer…

Gate of Thunder
Turbografx – 1992 by Hudson Soft – shooter – 1 player – 800 points – Age 7+

The legendary sci-fi shooter is back! Gate of Thunder is a horizontal side-scrolling shooter that places you in control of special undercover agant Hawk, whose mission is to stop the dealy army of Obbellon fighters. Jump into the action as Hawk boards his ship, the Hunting Dog, and heads out towards the enemy.

Use all 3 of the weapons at your disposal effectively to blast through stages while receiving support from ally Wild Cat ships. Switch through equippable power-up “Options” on the fly to change the direction of your attack. You’ll have to blast on front and behind you to make it through all 7 stages. Hardcore shooting game fans llooking for a challenge can select HARD or Devil mode to make the action even more intense!

World Heroes
NeoGeo – 1992 by D4 Enterprise – fighting – 1-2 players – 900 points – Age 12+

Released in 1992, World Heroes lets players choose from eight fighters modelled on historical figures – such as the Japanese samurai Hanzou, the French night Janne and the Russion magician Rasputin – and compete to become the strongest fighter in the world.

The game uses three buttons for punching, kicking and throwing, as well as a unique system where the strenght of the fighters’ punches and kicks depends on how long the attack buttons are held donw.

In addition to regular match styles, World Heroes also features a Death Match Mode full of dangerous hazards like mines and electrified barriers, allowing players to experience a wide range of combat forms.

Blast off with the first TurboDuo title for Virtual Console

Combining the power of an enchanced Turbograx and a CD-ROM drive, the TurboDuo hit the UNited States in 1992, packed-in with one of the defining side-scrolling shooters of the era: Gate of Thunder.

Now, thanks to Virtual Console, Gate of Thunder is back, complete with its awesome CD-quality soundtrak that really gets you rocking along to the non-stop shoot ’em up action!