Wii: Virtual Console games, Europe – Friday, November 2

Europe got four new VC games today (Friday, November 2) to download from the Wii Shop Channel. And they are:

Art of Fighting
NeoGeo – 1992 by D4 Enterprise – fighting – 1-2 players – 900 points – age 12+

In this 1992 fighting game, Ryo Sakazaki sets out to rescue his sister Yuri, who has been abducted by the mobster Mr. Big. Along with his best friend Robert, Ryo must take on numerous enemies around Southtown, leading to the climactic confrontation with the mysterious Mr. Karate.

The passion of the game’s creator is evident in the uniwue game play elements introduced to ensure that players use strategy and tactics, rather than just mashing buttons. These include an energy gauge that is depleted every time a fighter uses a speciel manoeuvre and Desperation Attacks that can only be used when a fighter’s health is low.

Special presentation features such as characters showing damage as the fights progress, camera zooming that follows the action and voice-over samples played during cut scenes combine to make Art of Fighting a masterpiece of the genre.

Alien Soldier
Sega Mega Drive – 1995 by Sega – action – 1 player – 800 points – age 7+

As Epsilon-Eagle, you are an alien soldier who has been genetically-engineered to produce maximum intelligence and strenght. You were once a member of the criminal organisation Scarlet, but upon deciding to break from the group you are forced into a showdown with Scarlet’s new leader Xi-Tiger, who kills a hostage in his attempt to destroy you. Now it’s up to you to get your revenge against the bad guy in this side-scrolling action game!

Choose from six different weapons and battle the bosses of Scarlet until you reach the final confrontation with the ultimate secret weapon!

Turbografx – 1992 by NBGI – action – 1 player – 600 points – age 12+

In life, the samurai Kagekiyo defeated the shogun Yoritomo and his clan. However, their evil spirits were not completely destroyd. Now, in the world known as the Dark Side, they await the time when they can be returned to our world.

As the ghost of Kagekiyo, you must make your way across seven Zones on your way to the heart of the Dark Side, where Yoritomo lies in wait. Each Zone is protected by a powerful boss, but you have many useful items at your disposal. Use Spirit Weapons to power up your sword and fell the endless hordes of demons.

This action platformer features real samuray from 12th century Japan! get ready for some intense one-on-one combat action!

Sonic 3D Flickies’ Island
Mega Drive – 1996 by Sega – action – 1 player – 800 points – age 3+

The evil Dr. Eggman (aka Dr. Robotnik) stumbles upon an alternate dimension where some odd birds called Flickies have the ability to travel anywhere. In order to get help in his search for the Chaos Emeralds, dr. Eggman transformes the Flickies into robots that will help him track down his coveted gems. Of course, it’s up to our favourite blue hedgehog Sonic to step in and save the day!

Jump into his 3D adventure as Sonic or his buddy Tails, and collect the golden rings to help free the Flickies and defeat the Doctor!