Wii: Virtual Conosle games – Europe – Friday November 9, 2007

Yesterday, Friday November 9, Europe got three new VC games in their game catalog to download onto the Wii. Since I’m not home this weekend, I have to wait to Monday to play Super Mario Bros. 3, the best game ever released on th NES.

Anyway, here is the new games to download:

Blue’s Journey
NeoGeo – 1991 by D4 Enterprise – platformer – 1-2 players – 900 points – age 7+

In this horizontally-scrolling platform classic from 1991, you play as a hero named Blue as he sets out to ssave his home planet of Raguy from invading Daruma tribe, who have polluted the planet’s enviroment and turned its inhabitants into slaves.

Not only does Blue have a variety of weapons such as bombs and boomerangs at his disposial, he also has the unique ability to change size at will. Another standout feature that gives the game incredible replay value is the branching level system. If you want to see every level and witness the full extent of the havoc wreaked upon Raguy by the Daruma, you’ll have to try out the multiple routes through the game.

Featuring cute characters, bright, colourful graphics and an irresistibly upbeat soundtrack. Blue’s Journey is a feel-good slice of vintage platformgaming fun.

Power Golf
Turbografx – 1989 by Hudson Soft – sports/golf – 1-3 players – 600 points – age 3+

Power Golf sports a perfect combination of simple yet realistic controls and beautiful graphics. Swing away on 18 lush holes in the singel player Stroke Play mode or the multi-player Match Play and Competition modes.

Enter int tournaments as one of 3 different characters – beginner, intermediate, and advance. Wind strength and the slope of the green add extra challenge to each hole. Complete against other players in the standard Normal Match, or ante up one of your clubs in the unique Club Match.

Up to 3 players can play in Competition mode and a handicap feature is included to help novice players pull off breathtaking shots just like their advanced rivals.

Super Mario Bros. 3
NES – 1991 by Nintendo – platformer – 1-2 players – 500 points – age 3+

Mario and Luigi are called back into action when Browser and his kids turn the kings of the Mushroom World into animals and steal their roual magic wands.

The acclaimed Super Mario Bros. 3 features more Mario action than ever before: fly as Racoon Mario, swim as Frog mario, throw fireballs as Fire mario, and turn into an invincible statue as Tanooki Mario! And you’ll need all the powers you muster, to beat Browser’s offspring lurking in their heavily-armed airships.

With eight huge worlds to navigate, countless secrets to discover and even a cooperative or competitive two-player mode. Super Mario Bros. 3 truly deserves its statue as one of the greatest games ever made.