Wii: New Virtual Console games – Europe – Friday, November 16

Europe got only one new VC games this week.

Double Dribble
NES – 1989 by Konami – sports/basketball – 1-2 players – 500 points – age 3+

Double Dribble is a 5-on-5 basketball game for the NES, based on the 1986 arcade game of the same name.

The game features four playable teams as well as adjustable game lenght and difficulty. Play against the computer or grab a second controller and challenge a friend on the court!

Featuring sampled speedch and cut-scene, and recreating the feel of real basketball wit amazing accuracy, Double Dribble was well ahead of its time. Whether you want to relive the excitement or if you missed it first time around, now everyone has a chance to experience this classic game on Virtual Console.