PC: Problems with TV-out on HP Pavilion dv6000

I have a HP Pavilion dv6000 (dv6525eo to be exact). It’s a great laptop by the way. The dv6525 have video output for both HDMI, VGA and S-video.

Normaly I use HDMI with my HDTV. But since it’s Christmas holiday, I’m at my parents house, and they only have a SDTV. So I have to use the S-video output.

It was then that I ran in to my problem. I couldn’t get a picture on the TV at first. But after some trail and errors, I got a picture, but it was only black and white. I updated the drivers. It did not help. A search on the Internet showed that many other had the same problem.

So what do you when you don’t get it to work? You try some more. The S-video out on the HP laptop is 7 pin. I tried both a S-video cable from the laptop to the TV, and S-video to RCA connector, but not much help there. So I tried to take the pin on the RCA, make contact with the outer metal on the S-video to RCA, as the picture below shows. Guess what? I got a colour picture.

My father had a S-video to componet cable (as the last picture shows). If I use that in my laptop and connect it to the TV with the RCA-cable connected to the blue-connector on the S-video to component cable, I can watch my laptop on the TV in full colour.

So if you have problems with TV-out on the S-video connection, try a S-video to component adapter and connect it on the blue connector.

Ebay is a good place to look for cheap adapters.

4 Responses to “PC: Problems with TV-out on HP Pavilion dv6000”

  1. Chris Says:

    I have a Pavilion dv6277ea and am about to attempt exactly this stunt as suggested. Have read a whole series of bad reports about S Video output on these laptops, so followed your advice and am awaiting the adapter to arrive (from ebay).

    With a bit of luck, your blog has prevented me encountering the issue!

  2. Csongor Says:


    I have a dv6552ea, and I am currently investigating, how to hook it up with my HDTV via HDMI. How did you do it? Mine has a VGA output and a S-Video nothing else. No HDMI or DVI.

  3. lucho Says:

    HI… i have the same problem… but i think is worst because doesn’t work !!!.. i have a hp 2620us… a svideo (7pin) to rca adapter and a sdtv.. how can i check the video card ??? can you give me some other advice.. thanxxs

  4. lucho Says:

    … i have VISTA