Xbox 360: Omega Five and Tron on XBLA this week

Omega Five and Tron is this weeks Xbox Live Arcade games, coming Wedenesday January 9, 2008. Tron will cost you 400 points while Omega Five will set you back 800 points.

Omega Five™

Omega Five is a true next-gen, high-definition shooter, with the most awe-inspiring graphics around. Fly through dangerous 3-D environments in this side-scroller as enemies come at you from all sides, even the background. Grab an extra controller, choose your merc, and engage in two-player local co-op play for more action.

  • Unbelievable visuals: This side-scrolling shooter is set in a gorgeous 3-D environment.
  • Challenging gameplay: If you’re a hardcore player, try your hand at the ultra-challenging ++ Mode, where you’re only allowed one hit!
  • Local co-op: Grab an extra controller and demolish enemies with a friend by your side.
  • Dangerous environments: Enemies come at you from all sides, even from the background.
  • Merc variety: Fight as Ruby, Tempest, or other characters, each of whom has three unique main weapons and special attacks.
  • Unlockable extras: Discover new characters, game modes, and options.
  • Intuitive controls: The modern control scheme uses the right analog stick to aim and fire.


The arcade classic is back! And Tron is even better this time around with enhanced graphics, CD-quality sound and two-person multiplayer.

Battle as mighty video warrior Tron against the insidious Master Control Program and his ruthless right-hand man, Sark. Tron offers a retro-futuristic test of gaming ability. Race life cycles, demolish tanks, dodge grid bugs, and even face off against the MCP himself to find out who truly rules the computer world!

  • Enhanced original: Tron is a perfect recreation of the classic arcade game based on the pioneering computer animated Disney film. Authentic graphics, gameplay and audio have all been upgraded to take advantage of the high-definition graphics and CD bit rate quality of Xbox 360™.
  • Light cycles rule: Now you can be a part of the most famous scene from the movie. Ride your blue cycle and battle the enemy yellow cycles in a gridline battle royale.
  • Great gameplay elements: Exterminate the Grid Bugs and escape into the I/O Tower before time runs out. Demolish all enemy tanks and Recognizers to clear the board. Smash the blocks and move your character into the MCP cone to clear the level. A bonus is awarded if you destroy all the blocks.
  • Multiplayer capability: The original arcade game was single player only. Now, Xbox LIVE® Arcade brings you the first version of the game with two-person multiplayer functionality.
  • Multiplayer modes: Split screen and online, co-op and versus, there are lots of ways to playTron. In Versus mode, the players race to achieve the highest score. Try Versus Speed mode, where the first player to reach a host-defined score wins. In Co-op, both players’ scores are added together to achieve a high score. And beware the Pressure Cooker where players race to achieve the highest score, but taking the lead after a sub-stage causes the other player’s game speed to increase.