Xbox 360 & PS3: Burnout Paradise coming this week

This week, Burnout Paradise is coming to both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The release date in US is January 22 and Europe January 25.

I’m getting the game buy the end of this week and looking forward to play it. It was a while I was wondering if I should get the PS3 version or the one for Xbox 360. I’m going to buy the Xbox 360 version mainly beacause of two things: I like the way Microsoft is handeling online gaming (with Xbox Live) and gamerpoints.

While you wait for the game to come, you can watch this review from On the bottom of this post, I’ve listed places to buy the game from.

Xbox 360 (PAL version)

Playstation 3

Burnout Paradise Official Game Guide

Xbox 360 (NTSC version)

Playstation 3

Xbox 360 (US version)

Playstation 3 (region free)

Burnout Paradise: Prima Official Game Guide

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