Blu-ray: 20 Million Miles To Earth

20 Million Miles To Earth came in 1957 and was filmed in black&white. There where two main reasons for that. The most important one, was economical. There wasn’t enough money to make the movie in colour. The other reasons was that some effects was easier done in black&white than in colour.

The movie starts when an American spaceship crash in the ocean outside of Sicilie, Itlay. Some fishermen manage to rescue a couple of men from the ship. A boy finds a small container that contain bioligical material. And it turn out that it is a living creature. Because of the condition on Earth, the creature grow fast and manage to escape.

The Blu-ray version of 20 Million Miles To Earth – 50th Anniversary Edition contains both the original black&white movie and the new colourized version. You can switch between the two versions while you watch the movie.

Here is the bonus material on the disc:

  • Digital sneak peak of 20 Million Miles More comic book
  • Remembering 20 Million Miles To Earth
  • Tim Burton sits down with Ray Harryhausen
  • Interview with Joan Taylor
  • The colorization process
  • David Schecter on film music’s unsung hero

This Blu-ray disc is regionfree and can be ordered from