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May 25, 2008

Computer Chronicles – The Hard Disk (1985)

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Computer technolgy envolves fast, and you can hardly keep up to speed with the latest. It would also cost you a lot.

If you look back to 1985, you can hardly compare a PC from the with todays PC. Bill Gates once said that 640KB of RAM should be enough for most people. Today the average RAM on a PC is between 1-2GB.

In this YouTube videoes, you’ll see Computer Chronicles – The Hard Disk from 1985. They’re looking at the latest harddrive technologies, and it’s fun to watch. A 10MB harddrive in 1985 cost just under $400, which was a lot then (and still is today). Harddrives in 20, 30, 60 ad 120MB was also availble, at a mutch higher price. But I think a 10MB HD was enough for most people back in ’85.

So, enjoy!

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