Elektrofil exhibition

Last weeken, I was at the Elektrofil (or Electrophile in English) exhibition in Oslo Spektrum. There where a lot to see, from MP3 players, cellphones and other gadget via vacuumcleaners to big screen TVs.

On the showfloor, they had the world largest full HD plasma TV from Panasonic. It’s a 103″ HDTV and it looked real nice. But it’s too big for my appartment and the pricetag i beyond what I ever can pay for a TV set. You could get it on the fair for 650,000 NOK* (or about US$127,000/£64,500).

In the pictures bellow, you can see the Panasonic HDTV with a pair of speakers from KEF. The KEF Muon speakers is what you can call a limited edition, since only a pair of 100 will be produced worldwide. But with a pricetag of 1,200,000 NOK* (or around US$234,900/£119,000), I can understand why. The speakers sounded great even with the background noise from the showfloor. As with the Panasonic HDTV, this is or will never be for my wallet.

Tandberg is also starting to produce TVs again after 30 years. The new Tandberg Display HDTVs, Ergo Class, will be available in 32″ (720p), 37″, 42″ and 46″ (1080p) and comes with built-in digitaltuner for the Norwegian DTT. This HDTV will only be available in Norway at launch. You can see pictures of the TV bellow.

* NOK – Norwegian Krones