Countdown to E3 2008

In a few days, E3 2008 will start in Los Angeles. I’m looking forward to Nintedo’s, Microsoft’s and Sony’s press conference, and wonder what they will show this year.

Here are the times for the press conferences:

Microsoft – Monday July 14th at 10:30 PDT – (19:30/7:30 PM European time)

Nintendo – Tuesday 15th at 9:00 PDT – (18:00/6:00 PM European time)

Sony – Tuesday 15th at 11:30 PDT – (20:30/8:30 PM European time)

European time is Central Europe Time (CET), that’s Oslo, Berlin, Paris, Rome and so on. You know where you live. For UK, subtract 1 hour for GMT. and will stream all the press conferences live, and they will offcourse cover everything that happens on E3.