TV: 24 TV Interview – SDCC 08: Kiefer Sutherland

There was a pannel on 24 at Comic-Con here the other day. They taked about the TV-Movie 24: Exile which airs in US in November and is a warm-up for season 7 that starts in January 2009. (Source:

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Surprisingly, the moderator didn’t immediately get to the biggest question the panel raised by the mere make up of who was on it, which was – how the hell can Tony Almeida be alive? Yes, Carlos Bernard is back as Tony in Season 7, which is obviously not being kept a secret, since Bernard is being used to promote the series.

Talking about Season 7, Sutherland said, “I hope you can come to expect what you’ve really come to enjoy for the last six years. We’re not trying to reinvent it. We’re trying to take what you say you like – You fans are amazingly articulate and smart about what you don’t like. We’re trying every year to take out what you don’t like and put in more of what you do like.”

Interview with Kiefer Sutherland about the up-coming season of 24.