Play N-gage games on your TV

I did now that many Nokia cellphones have TV-out and that you can play games, videoes and use othe application on your TV. But it’s alwayse nice to see a good video of it when you don’t have such a phone. Which I will have this fall, the new Nokia N96.

Here is a quote a video from

In 2006 Nokia released the N93 smartphone, which included a very special feature: the ability to connect it to a television set through something called “TV Out”. It was very simple to use, you just plugged one end of the TV Out cable into the phone, and the other end into a TV, and the phone’s screen appeared on the television screen.

Many of their later phones have had TV Out too, including the N95, N82, 6220 Classic and others. However, Nokia has always promoted it mainly as a way of viewing photos and videos, and many people don’t realise the feature can actually be used with all the phone’s other functions too.