WiiWare – Europe – Friday January 16, 2008

This week Europ only got one new WiiWare title to download on the Wii.

WiiWare – 16/01/2008 by Nintendo – puzzxle – 1-4 players – 800 points – age 3+

Lonpos is a simple  yet challenging puzzzle game that test your logic and concentration, eihter by yourself or working with – or against – other players. The aim is to arrange differently-shaped pieces to fit inside a box by moving and rotating them with the Wii Remote so that all pieces are used.

In Normal Mode you battle the clock, solving puzzles as fasat as you can to win points. Or take on Continuous Mode, where one false move means failure. In Cooperative Mode, take turns with a friend to complete puzzles, or try Versus Mode battle with up to three opponents, either on the same Wii console or worldwide via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Lonopos comes with lots of puzzles to tax your grey matter – but if you hunger for more of a challenge, you can obtain even more puzzles, and also new backrogrunds and visuals, via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Pay & Play!