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March 5, 2008

GDC 2008: – The last interviews

Filed under: GDC08 — technofranki @ 23:21 made some videos on GDC ’08 a few weeks ago. I have posted theier eariler vidoes and today they published two more.

Geoff Keighley Interview about Too Human

Destructoid Interview with Ron Workman and Dan Lingen

February 24, 2008

GDC 2008: CryEngine2 demos

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Here are some demo videos of the the new CryEngine2. The titles link to the page.

CryENGINE2 vs Reality Comparison

Cam Demo Pt. 1

Cam Demo Pt. 2

Cam Demo Pt. 3

Cam Demo Pt. 4

GDC 2008: John Hight Interview (PS3)

Filed under: GDC08,PS3 — technofranki @ 20:28

Here’s an interview with John Hight about Sony’s Playstation Network, taken from

GDC 2008: Street Fighter IV In-Depth Interview

Filed under: GDC08 — technofranki @ 20:23

Here’s an in-depth interview with Yoshinori Ono (producer) about Street Fighter IV (4), taken from

February 23, 2008

GDC 2008: Nintendo Video Breakdown

Filed under: DS,GDC08,Wii — technofranki @ 21:52

Here’s Nintendo video breakdown from GDC ’08 (Game Developers Conference). (source:

GDC 2008: Sony Video Breakdown

Filed under: GDC08,PS3,psp — technofranki @ 21:47

Here’s a Sony video breakdown from GDC ’08 (source:

GDC 2008: Microsoft Video Breakdown

Filed under: GDC08,Xbox 360 — technofranki @ 21:41

Here’s a video breakdown from Microsoft at GDC ’08 (source:

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