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April 4, 2010

Apple iPad review []

Filed under: hardware,review by others — Tags: , , — technofranki @ 04:55 have reviewed the new Apple iPad (wi-fi). I’m not an Apple fanboy, but the iPad looks like a cool gadget, though I think it looks a bit too big.

Under you can see the video review of iPad by PCmag,com.

November 19, 2008

Xbox 360: Need for Speed Undercover video review (

Filed under: PS3,review by others,Xbox 360 — Tags: , , — technofranki @ 19:16 have made a video review of the new Need for Speed Undercover for Xbox 360 (also available for PS3). This game looks way better than last years Pro Street which was real bad. I hope there will be a demo out so I can try it before I buy it. I’m probably not gonna’ buy until next year anyway since I still have some other games to finish.

Nintendo DSi reviewed at Wired

Filed under: DSi,review by others — Tags: , — technofranki @ 18:16 have made a video review of the new Nintendo DSi, watch and enjoy! (Soruce:

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