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Game & Watch games coming to DSiWare

Do you remember the good old Nintendo Game & Watch handhelds you bought in the 80’s? Well, they’re back, at least as DSiWare on Nintendo DSi in Japan. (Source: GoNintendo.com)

Game & Watch games gave been released on the GameBoy, GameBoy Advance and the DS. Now it’s time for the downloadable version for the DSi. It’s Japan only for now, but I guess we’ll see it here in the West too. If the real thing is more like your coup of tee, you can always check out .

The first games are:

  • Ball, Flagman, Vermin & Judge (July 15)
  • Helmet & Chef (July 29)
  • Donkey Kong Jr., Mario’s Cement Factory & Manhole (August)

Here are a couple of videoes, you can see more on gamersdag.nl.

Sour – “Hibi no neiro” – Great music video

The Japanese band Sour have made a fantastic music video for their “Hibi no neiro“-song (“日々の音色”/”Tone of everyday“). The video is made of recordings from fan all over the World, and edited in to an amazing musicvideo. I guess they have used a lot of time planing and editing this video. It’s a must see!

Wii no Ma Channel coming to Japanese Wii’s on May 1st

On May 1st, Japanese Wii owners will get a new Wii Channel called Wii no Ma Channel. This is a video channel where you can download/stream videos. There will probably be both free and paid content, but no information on what content yet.

The channel is like a living room where you can have upto 8 Miis. Another cool features is that you can download from the Wii to the DSi. To make that happen, you need to dowload Dokodemo Wii no Ma from the DSiShop. (Source: GoNintendo.om)

This looks like a cool channel, can be anyway. But I wonder why Nintendo make you go thorugh the Wii to get the video onto the Nintendo DSi. Why can’t they let gamers to download movies right to DSi? It would be much easier.

If you read Japanese, you can check out the official pages at Nintendo of Japan, or you can just watch the pictures.

Here are som video of the Wii no Ma Channel taken from Gametrailer.com.