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June 2, 2010

Lost’s Most Annoying Unanswered Questions (IGN)

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They guys at have compiled a list of what they think are the most annoying unamswered question of LOST.

May 24, 2010

LOST – The End

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Wow, what an epic endig.

It was not the end I though of, but probably the best they could give us. There are still a some questions we don’t have the answer on, but how they closed the show was brilliant.

LOST startet in 2004 and have been one of the best TV-shows made in recent years. The first season was nothing but excellent. When we first meet Jack, Kate, Charlie, Sawyer, Saiyd, Locke, Claire and the others, they had stranded on a dessert island after the crash of Oceanic flight 815.

We learned the LOST numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42. They showed up everywhere. There have been a lot of mysteries, and still are some that we will never get an answer on.

I think it was season 4 that was a downer, but it picket up. The episodes in the last season have been geat. But for beeing season 6 and the last of LOST, I think we could have got some more answers. We didn’t get that many in the last episode – The End – eihter, but that was a great finale for a great show. It didn’t dissapoint me a bit.

My brain have been twisted a lot during the six years of LOST. And there have been more questions than answers. I could probably wrote a lot more on LOST, but I won’t. LOST is over, there still something we don’t know about, and I think it’s the best way.

To the cast of LOST, writers, producers and the rest of the crew: You have made LOST one of the best TV-shows ever made. Thanks!

May 22, 2009

LOST – season 5 video review (

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Here is a video review of season 5 of LOST made by

Lost at

November 11, 2008

Lost TV Commercial – Season 5 Preview

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In season 4 of LOST, the Ocean 6 got of the island. This season, that’s number 5, starts in January, the try to get back to the island. Strange!

Well, I do like the show and I’m looking forward to the next season. have put up a season 5 preview, so enjoy!


July 31, 2008

TV: LOST interview with Matthew Fox

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LOST interview with Matthew Fox from SDCC 08.

January 26, 2008

Lost: Via Domus game trailer

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Here’s a game trailer of the upcoming game Lost: Via Domus based on the LOST TV-series. The video is taken from

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