Nintendo Wii – Release info

At last!

The release date for Nintendo Wii is November 19 for North America and December 2 for Japan (Europe will get the date tommorow). So when you pay $249.99 (or 25,000 yen) you get a Wii console with a Wii controller nunchick attachment, Wii AC adaptor, Wii A/V cable, Wii console stand, sensor bar, sensor bar stand and two AA batteries. A copy of Wii Sports is also packed in.

There will be 25 different games available by the end of this year, 16 at launch (a according to NoJ). First pary titles (by Nintendo) will cost you $49.99. For the Virtual Console thre will be 30 titles downloadable at launch. They will be price $5 and $10 (about the same as Aracde Live titles). And 10 new Virtual Console titles will be released every month.

For more interesting information, go to Nintendo of Japans Wii Preview information site. It’s all in Japanese, but you will understand the pictures and videos.

(Source: IGN, Advancedmn, Nintendo)