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September 15, 2006

Nintendo Wii – Eupore Launch

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Wii will launch on December 8th this year in Europe. It will cost €249/£179 and the games at €49-59/£34-39. There will be around 15-20 games available at launch. So this will be a great Christmas.

The Wii launchs in Australia on December 7th at AU$399.95.

One thing I haven’t mention in earlier posts, is that Wii is region free. This means at least that Nintendos games can be played in any region, and third-party titles will probably do the same. [UPDATE] There seems to be a bit confusion about if Wii is region free or not. There have been reports of both. So when there is a pressrelease about this, I will post the news.
[UPDATE: 20/9] So the Wii isn’t region free after all, to bad.

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