"Springclean" on my PC

Over time your PC will get slower and you will have a lot of rubish on it that you don’t use. So what do you do?

The easiest way is to buy a new harddrive, and I have done that too. But the best way is to install Windows again. It’s two years since I did it, and my PC is real slow. It take 5 minutes to for it to start and another 2 before I can do any usefull thing with it. So the last 10-12 hours I’ve been copying things I wanted to save and reorganized things on my other harddrives. I think I’ve moved around 150-200 GB. And Windows is installed on a newly formated harddrive. It now starts in about 1 minute and I feel great.

I do a bit video, so I’ve got 4 harddrives wit a total cappacity of around 760 GB. That’s a lot, but I think a lot of you knows that you do use the space you have. I will try to have a system.