Nintendo Wii: News Channel

Nintendo launched the News Channel today, one day earlier than expected. Thanks to Nintendo.
The News Channel looks good and the interface is pretty easy to use. When you start the News Channel, you can choose from 7 different categories: Regional News, International News, Sports, Arts/Entertainment, Business, Sience/Health and Technology. Here you can also choose Slide show which shows a map and headlines of news. Press A to read the news. Easy.

It would be nice if you could choose the Globe from the Main menu. But to do that, you need to choose a news article and when that comes up, you can select the Globe. Then you can navigate that like you do with the Weather Channel globe. Select a city and read the news.

You can zoom in and out on the text useing the + and – keys and the text is very readable, even with the smallest fonts (at least on my TV).

It’s Associated Press (AP) that feed the news for Nintendo. They have a 2 year contract on doing that. The News Channel doesn’t update when you use it, bet it check for updates everytime you start the Channel. From what I have experienced, the news updates every 2 hours.

This is a real good Channel, and if they could put in the Globe selection in the Main menu, I would be very happy. Excellent work Nintendo.