DS – Hotel Dusk: Room 215

I finaly got Hotel Dusk: Room 215 from Play-Asia. I haven’t been able to play that much yet. But I think I like the game. I have walked around the hotel, talked to some people and solved some puzzels. I have also keyed my self into my hotelroom. And guess what, it’s room 215. That room is offcourse the center of this game, and it’s you and me as the player – Kyle Hyde – to find out what have happened and what’s sp special about that room.

This is the story as written on Nintendo.com:
Kyle Hyde, a disgraced New York detective turned salesman, arrives at a run-down Los Angeles inn called Hotel Dusk. Once there, Kyle soon becomes involved in a 30-year-old mystery that involves lies, betrayal, kidnapping, and murder. And over the course of the night, he will also discover something very special about Room 215… a room that is said to grant wishes.

Hotel Dusk uses branching storylines to tell its tale, giving you many options for how to speak to people. Should you strong-arm the little girl in the hallway? Make nice to the hotel maid? Pretend to be interested in the manager’s rambling stories? It’s all up to you, but choose wisely. One false step could get you thrown out of the hotel and forever seal the mystery of what happened on that dark Christmas Eve so many years ago…

I’m looking forward to play the game.

(Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is also available from YesAsia.com)