Xbox 360: Trusty Bell/Eternal Sonata Demo

Last week the Trusty Bell/Eternal Sonata (トラスティベル ~ショパンの夢~) demo was released in Japan. I downloaded it with my Japanese Xbox Live account. The demo visuals are great, it looks real good. I’m not into RPG, but i liked the demo.

This is what MajorNelson wrote on his blog:

That translate into (with the help of Google):
Long-awaited trial version finally in the market place appearance! As for the latest stage piste of tenuto, forest of tenuto village, and mirror heaven flower. You can experience also the battle which the refreshing impression can be tasted with simplicity operation freely. 3 people of [areguretsuto], polka and beat and together, just please enjoy the fantasy of [torasuteiberu] and the magnificent world a little.

You can see more on or Namco.

The game is Japanese only, out in June and can be pre-ordered from and

Here’ some picture I grabbed while playing. It’s a bit blury, but that’s because of my TV-card doesn’t handle 60Hz video well.

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