Xbox 360: DiRT demo

On Thursday you could download the Colin McRae: DiRT demo from Xbox Live (it’ also available for PC). The demo have three different trakcs: Crossover, Hill Climb and CORR (Championship Off-Road Racing).

I’ve played the demo some, and sort of like it. The game is a simulator like PGR3, but I’m more into arcade style (like Burnout and Ridge Racer). This is not a game I will pick up on realese since I’m not that into simlator type of games, but will probably pick it up when the price goes down. Those who like simulator style, will probably like this game.

The visuals in this games are great. The picture in this post is only standard definition and a bit blury because my TV-card doesn’t like 60 Hz that much.

Colin McRae: DiRT is out in Europe 15th June and 19th June in US.

You can get the European PAL version from and the US NTSC version from or