New Virtual Console – Europe Friday June 1st

We in Europe got 4 new games to download from Virtual Console this week.

Kid Chameleon
Mega Drive – 1992 by Sega – action/platformer – 1 player – 800 points

“The local arcade is packed with kids, all lining up to play the latest, most realistic video game they’se ever seen. It’s called Wild Side, and it uses holographic images to immerese the player in a strange world. But there’s a problem – kids literally getting sucked into the game, and now several of them are trapped.

It’s up to you as Kid Chameleon, the best gamer in town, to get yourself sucked in so that you can defeat the game’s boss, and bring your friends back to reality. Throughout the game you’ll be able to take several different forms (Berzerker, Micromax, Maniaxe, Skycutter) which will make you much more powerful. The game contains more than 100 levels and 1850 screens, so your skills will definitely be put to the test.”

Streets of Rage II
Mega Drive – 1993 by Sega – action – 1-2 players – 800 points

“On the eve of the one-year anniversary of their defeating the Syndicate. Blaze, Adam and Axel met up drinks The morning after, Axel receives a frantic phone call from Eddie ‘Skate’ Hunter, Adam’s younger brother, who lives with him on the edge of the city. Blaze and Axel then find Adam and Skate’s house wrecked, and a picture of Adam chained to a wall at the feet of Mr. X.

The city has once again returned to its former nightmarish state, with the city streets, roads and parks swarming with criminals. Unable to contact their old friend in artillery. Axel and Blaze team up with Skate and Max Thunder, an old friend of Axel’s, to free the city and rescue Adam from the Syndicate’s private island. It is up to you to take down Mr. X once and for all!”

ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron
Mega Drive – 1993 by Sega – action/adventure – 1-2 players – 800 points

“A number of Earthlings hitchhiked on ToeJam and Earl’s spaceship on their trip back home after the first game, and now infesting Funkotron. ToeJam and Earl must serach out the Earthlings, capture them in large jars ans ship them back to Earth in rocket ships.

It is also your funky mission to find then beloved objects of Lamont the Funkapotamus, the source of all funk in the universe, to persuade him to return to the planet of Funkotron. Use the funk powers to assist in evading and capturing the Earthlings, such as the Funk Move and Funk Scan.”

World Sports Competition
Turbografx – 1993 by Hudson Soft – sports – 1-5 players – 600 points

“Play trogh a total of 18 Olympic events in this action sports title. Players complete in 6 categories of eventss that include: shooting, archery, rowing, swimming and track & field.

The game features and Olympics mode, where you play all the events over a course of a few days, and a Traing mode, where you can choose individual events to play. After practising in Training mode, go for the gold in Olympics mode and break world records! Depending on your play time and ability, you can enjo the game a number of different ways.

Gather friends and play in copetitions with up to 5 players and get even more out of this great game! (When battling with multiple players, you must connect the same number of Wii Remotes or Nintendo GameCube Controllers as the number of players. To play with five players, you will need at least one Nintendo GameCube Controller.)”