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June 2, 2007

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary

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In 1996, the original Tomb Raider was launched. The 3D game design, controls and graphics were truly ground breaking for their time. Furthermore, gamers were also presented with a unique, female human playable character with which they could become emotionally attached, Lara Croft. The original Tomb Raider sold over seven million copies and is still heralded as an absolute classic and one of the best action adventure games ever. Tomb Raider defined the PlayStation and changed the way that people played games.
(soruce: Eidos Interactive )

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary is a remake of the original from 1996. I’ve never played that one, but are thinking of buying the Anniversary edition. It looks good. The game comes in three versions, for the PC, Playstation 2 and PSP. I would liked if they had made a Xbox 360 version. So I will probably buy the PC version.

You can get the game online from:
Playstation 2 version $27.99 (NTSC)
PC version $27.99
PSP version $29.99
Playstation 2 version £23.98 (PAL)
PC version £17.98
PSP version £22.98
Playstation2 version US$ 39.90 (NTSC)
PSP version US$ 34.90

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