SanDisk sansa e260

I’ve been using the SanDisk sansa e260 for some weeks now, and I realy like the this MP3 player. It have 4GB internal flashmemory (the e200 series comes in different siszes) and it have a microSD expansionport so you can add more if you need to.

Here’s a copy&past from feature list:

  • Sleek, thin design with large 1.8” TFT color screen (176 x 224) for easy viewing
  • Strong alloy metal casing provides excellent durability and scratch resistance
  • Simple to use, backlit controls for fast device interface navigation
  • User replaceable and rechargeable Lithium Ion battery for up to 20 hours of battery life (Based on continuous playback at 128 kbps MP3; rechargeable batteries may eventually need to be replaced as they have limited charge cycles (which vary with use and settings)
  • Features microSD™ expansion slot for additional memory capacity
  • Supports SanDisk TrustedFlash and Gruvi content cards
  • Digital FM tuner*, on-the-fly FM recording, and voice recording
  • No FM-tuner (and no FM-recording) is available in Europe [not entierly true]
  • Supports Subscription Music Stores

The MP3 player is very easy to navigate with the selection wheel. The icon is big and screen is clear. In the menu, you have the following selections: Music, FM Radio, Photo, Settings, Voice and Video.

You can play music selected by Artists, Albums, Songs, Gengres, Playlists, My Top Rated and Recordings. It’s pretty straight forward. I would liked an option to play by Folder. The sound is very good and the headphones that came with the player is much better than others you get with players. In the Music Option (under Settings) you can select Music EQ. You can select from pre-defined settings: Normal, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classical, Funk, Hip Hop, Dance, Full Base and Full Treble andCustom EQ. The player also support the PlayForSure DRM.

The videoplayback is very good even though the screen is small. Video have to be converted before you can play it on the player and you use the software that came with the player. The video is converted to 15 fps, but the playback look very smooth.

On the SanDisk website and other reviews I’ve read about the player, it states that the FM Radio is not available in Europe. That is not entierly true. I’ve bought the Sansa e260 and I got it with the radio. But that may have something to do with that Norway is not a part of the European Union (EU). Anyway, the radio was one of the reasons I bought this player, because I wanted to have option of listen to radio if I want to. The radio works well and you can even record from it.

There is also a voice recorder on the player which can be usefull. It records in mono wave files.

You connect the player to the PC with a USB cable. But it connects to the player with a custom port. I don’t like that. It would be better if they used mini-USB. There is two modes you can connect with: MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) and MSC (Mass Storage Class). You have to use MTP when you use Windows Media Player 10/11 to synch the player.

This may not be the best review/test you’ve read about this player, but I just wanted to let you know what I thought about it. SanDisk sansa e260 is a very good player and for me 4GB should be more than enough (of time beeing). I like that you can ad a 2GB miniSD card if needed. You have to use USB to charge the player, a standard charger would be best. But wall USB charger do exists. They player comes in sizes from 2-8GB, so you will find a player that suits your needs.

All in all. This is a great player which I highly recommand.

You can get the SanDisk sansa e260 MP3 player from and