PS3 and PSP firmware update

Sony has released a new firmware update for PlayStation 3, v1.82.

  • Upscaling game or DVD output. You can now upscale the video content of PlayStation® format software, PlayStation®2 format software, and DVDs to HD resolution.
  • Copying saved data to a memory card. You can now copy saved data from PlayStation® format software and PlayStation®2 format software to a memory card or a memory card (8MB) (for PlayStation®2).
  • Using the DLNA client feature. You can now display images or play music or video files that are stored on a personal computer or digital video recorder with DLNA Media Server functionality over a network.
  • Printing Images. You can now connect a USB printer to print images.
  • Using remote play outside the home (via the Internet). You can now use remote play over the Internet.
  • Support for playback of AVC High Profile (H.264/MPEG-4) format video has been added. High image quality encoding method used by Blu-ray Discs and other media.
  • Playability status with the PS3™ system has changed for some PlayStation® and PlayStation®2 format titles. To check on the latest status, visit the search site for compatible titles.

Sony have also updated the PSP firmware to v3.51:

  • A security patch was added to address security vulnerabilities in the system software.

This security update is for patching the Lumines exploit that was published last weekend.