Virtual Console games in Europe, Friday July 27th

Europe got two new Virtual console games to download today.

Devil’s Crush
Turbografx – 1990 by Hudson Soft – arcade – 1-2 players – 600 points

Devil’s Crush is the exciting sequel to the hit pinball game Alien Crush, and features even smoother ball movement and enahnced special effects.

Shoot the ball onto the board with the Devil Shooter, then use flippers and nudging to keep it in play and rack up a high score. Complete certain conditions to play up to 6 different Bonus Stages. Get a Perfect Clear on Those to earn a huge amount of points!

The game’s ominous theme is enchanced by it’s enemies – from wandering Skeleton Knights, Sorcerers and even a Giant Face that changes from a goddes to a sinister serpent!

Kirby’s Ghost Trap
Super Nintendo – 1995 by Nintendo – puzzle – 1-2 players – 800 points

The call has gone out throughout Dream Land – the First Annual Ghost Trap Competition has begun!

In this fast-paced puzzler it’s up to you to battle Kirby’s adversries by strategically stacking colour-coded Blobs and blending them together to form massive chain reactions.

Each colossal explosion you create will cause a bombardment of Ghosts to rain down upon your opponent. Through 16 levels of furious action you’ll face famous enemies from th Kirby universe as you make your way towards a landslide victory!