DS: The Settlers

This is from Play-Asia.com webpage:

From the publisher: The Roman crew of a ship is going to conquer an uninhabited island (or so it seems). For its survival, the crew has to plan its expansion wisely: build roads, hunt for food, gather resources, and mine for precious minerals. But will they be prepared for what else they find? Let’s just say that keeping a large, well-trained army will be necessary to defend the kingdom you have built.

Ubisoft’s The Settlers for Nintendo DS™ is shipping today as English language Asia release edition at US$ 34.90 only.

Game features:

  • Smoothly zoom in and out for customized views. One screen for world play, the other for resource management. Player can switch when desired to play entire game with stylus on lower screen
  • Train and build your army to be prepared for any attack. Expand your kingdom by occupying enemy buildings and borders. Construct military buildings in strategic locations as your kingdom and army grows.
  • Plan harvest and transport of a variety of raw materials and resources. Your kingdom depends on these resources for food, shelter, and expansion.
  • Each time you play will provide a different experience with 2 campaigns, 4 nations to explore, varied climates, 6 types of soldiers, and 30 occupations to manage

You can get the game from Play-Asia.com for $34.90.