Virtual Console games – Europe – Friday 24th August

Yesterday, Friday August 24th, Europe got three new games to download on VC on our Wii.

Lunar Pool
NES – 1991 by D4 Enterprise – sport/pool – 1-2 players – 500 points

Lunar Pool reinvents the popular game of pool with a unique and futuristic flair. THe rules are simple – all you need to do is hit the white cue ball with your cue, causing it to hit the other numbered balls and make them go into the pockets.

You can enjoy nearly unlimited gameplay with 30 tables, 2 different ball arrangements and the ability to change the degree of friction on the table. You can play against the computer or another human player, so try challenging someone once you’ve got the hang of the game.

Turbografx – 1990 by Hudson Soft – action RPG – 1 player – 600 points

You are a brave boy who sets off on a journey to rescue the kidnapped princess and reclaim the 8 medallions that were stolen by the evil demon, Dirth.

In this action role-playing game, you’ll need to rely on your magic compass and gather information to find entrances to labyrinths, and defeat the bosses in them. Travel across land and sea, under the earth and even through the sky on your quest to recover the medallions.

Solve puzzels, avoid traps, move block and destroy walls to uncover secret rooms in the labyrinths. Carefully use your map to uncover hidden treasures and powerful equipment. With a save function, the right difficulty level and a system that doesn’t use experience points, this is a true RPG that anyone can enjoy.

Wrekcing Crew
NES – 1987 by Nintendo – action – 1-2 players – 500 points

In NES classic Wrecking Crew, Mario swaps his plumber’s cap for a haard hat as he takes on the unque role of a demolition engineer!

Your aim is to demolish every obstacle in each enemy-infested level, while working out the most destrucive route through the networks of ladders and scaffolds.

Wrecking Crew was part of the NES “Programmable Series” so it also includes a mode for designing your own levels. This Virtual Console version also features the ability to save your creations, which was not possible in the original version.