Two new Virtual Console games – Europe – Friday 31th August

Europe got two new Virtual Console games on Friday 31th August.

Bonk 3 – Bonk’s Big Adventure
Turbografx – 1993 by Hudson Soft – action – 1-2 players – 600 points

The hard-headed hero is back for more side-scrolling action in the third installment of the popular Bonk series.

It’s up to Bonk once again to thwart the plants o fthe relentles, evil King Drool. There are 7 Rounds scattered throughout The Dinosaur Kingdom, each one filled with fun contraptions and comical enemies. Grab a Flower Copter or exchange 16 Smilies athe end of each Round to play up to 8 different Bonus Stages. You can change the size of Bonk by grabbin gthe new red or blue Candy items. Depending on the situation, you can change your size to bonk your way through a dead-end or to get a hard-to-reach item.

And that’s not all! Grab a friend and put your heads togheter in the new 2-player mode and defeat King Drool!

Vegas Stakes
SNES – 1993 by Nintendo – other/simulation – 1-4 players – 800 points

Experience all the thrills and skills of real casino action, as you take a trip to the ultimate gambler’s paradise: Las Vegas!

Check into a luxurious hotel, hang ot with your friends and chat to other punters, befire placing your bets at authentic recreations of Blackjack, Slots, Roulette, Craps and Seven Card Stud.

For solo play, a computurised companion explains the rules and offer advice, easing beginners into the action. In multiplayer mode, complete with up to three friends for the $10 million prize!