New Virtual Console games – Europe – Friday, September 7

On Friday, September 7, Europe got no more than 5 (!) new Virtual Console games to download on their Nintendo Wii. All games where from Sega, Mega Drive (aka Genesis) .

Crack Down
Mega Drive – 1991 by Sega – action – 1-2 players – 800 points

In this one or two player adventure, you must infiltrate and destroy different enemy facilities using a series of carefully-paced time boms. Your goal is nothing short of saving the world from a group of evil cyborgs, created by a crazy scientist with plans for global domination.

By fighting your way through his various labs and bases you can out a stop to his madness, but there are enemies at every turn. The cyborgs want nothing more than to destroy you and turn you into one of them, so use your cannon, boms and machine gun to maximum effect as you wipe out the mechanical menace!

Eswat – City Under Siege
Mega Drive – 1991 by Sega – action – 1 player – 800 points

Welcome to the city of Liberty which is teeming with crime and lowlife scum. As a member of the Cyber Police force, it’s up to you to clear the streets of all the bad guys and make life safe for the law-abiding citizens of the city. Since you have a varitey of weapons and amour at your disposal, and you’ll need all of it as you patrol various a restaurant, stadium, boat dock, and more.

Take down the baddies, beat the nefarious bosses and return sanity to the streets of Liberty!

Ghouls’n Ghosts
Mega Drive – 1990 by Capcom – action/platformer – 1-2 players

Ghouls’n Ghosts is the sequel to the popular action game Ghosts’n Goblins, originally released in the arcades and later ported to the Mega Drive.

One full moon night, three years after the battle with Astaroth, a ray of light shoots through the Princess and her soul is stolen right in front of Arthur’s eyes. To save his bride’s soul, Arthur the night must battle all manner of evil undead creatures with a variety of weapons, powerful magic, and new abilities.

Shining in the Darkness
Mega Drive – 1991 by Sega – action/RPG – 1 player – 800 points

Dark Sol has vowed to reign over the enchanted Kingdom of Thornwood, and only can stop him. Find the powerful Arms of Light, and battle the deadly beasts that are keeping your people desperate and starving, in his epic journey for peace. Roaming the dark labyrinths, you’ll seek out enemies and collect weapons, all of which will help you pass the test of the Ancients and become a shining knight.

Get intp the adventure with a stunning 3D perspective, amazing cinematic views and fast-paced scrolling. You’ll move from battle to battle, solving puzzles and dicovering secret items in his engrossing struggle between good and evil.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Mega Drive – 1994 by Sega – action/platformer – 1-2 players – 800 points

Sonic and Tails are back for another adventure as they again battle the evil Dr. Eggman (aka Dr. Robotnik), who is desperately trying to collect all the Chaos Emeralds in order to rebuild his Death Egg.

Our heroes must find the Chaos Emeralds before Dr. Eggman does, but winning the race won’t be easy – a new adversary, Knuckles the Echidna, has arrived on the scene and will do whatever he can to keep Sonic and Tails from reaching their goal. Grab all the golden rings, find various bonus zones, and overcome Knuckles and Dr. Eggman as you rocket through the third chapter in Sonic’s adventures.