Xbox 360: HD DVD add-on only $50

Microsoft have dropped the price for the HD DVD add-on for Xbox 360 to only $50. This follow the news the other day (read here) that Microsoft will discontinue the HD DVD player add-on.

The new price is already relfected on and

Here is the news from

Beginning today, in most regions, you can pick up the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player for an estimated price of $49.99 /€49.99 (and equivalent local currencies).

  • Supports existing HD DVD movie discs (more than 400 titles currently available in the US and 1,000 internationally) – many of which are combo discs that also include the DVD versions of the film
  • Includes the Xbox 360 Media Remote Control (a $20 value – US ERP)
  • Includes the King Kong HD DVD (a $20 value – US ERP) (Available in North America Only)
  • Plays standard DVDs, allowing you to have a game and a movie ready to play at all times
  • Provides an additional USB port for your Xbox 360 and includes USB 2.0 cable