Wii: Nintendo Channel Launched in Europe

The new Nintendo Channel for Nintendo Wii launched in Europe and Australia on Friday May 30th 2008. I didn’t manage to test it much before I went away for the weekend, but I will come back with what I think of the new channel.

Here’s a quote from Nintendo-Europe.com:

From today Wii owners can download the latest channel to be introduced to the console. Available through the Wii Shop Channel for free, the Nintendo Channel will keep users up-to-date on all Wii, Nintendo DS, WiiWare and Virtual Console titles from Nintendo and third party developers. Not only an informative channel, it will also treat users to demos of exciting Nintendo DS titles that can be downloaded and experienced first hand.

The channel will provide users with information on past, present and future first and third party titles, as well as footage, trailers, and special videos, exclusively created for the Nintendo Channel. Footage will range from interviews with developers, to detailed introductions and guides to software on Wii and Nintendo DS, providing fans with all the up-to-the-minute information they could ever need! Users will also be able to search for new titles through a multi-criteria search function and provide their own feedback on titles, allowing for exciting new games to be recommended according to a player’s taste.