Wii: Virtual Console – Europe – Friday June 6th, 2008

Friday June 6th 2008, there is no new Virtual Console games, but one WiiWare game for you to download.

Actionloop Twist
WiiWare – Nintendo – 06/06/2008 – puzzle – 1-4 players – 1000 points

This 2007 Nintendo DS puzzle game comes to WiiWare with a new twist – literally! Pick your favourite Mii and take control of the gemstore Launch Pad by twisting the Wii Remote back and forth. Theobject is to fire Gemstones and make groups of matching colours disappear before they reach the end of the line.

Jump stright into the action with Quick Play modes for one or two players, put your skills to the ultimate test in Challenge Mode, or see if you can survive Quest Mode where every level brings a new way to play!

Or, if you’re in a party mood, try Multiplayer Mode for up to four players! You can play with friends, against the computer, or a combination of both. Work togheter to clear the Gemstones or complete to see who’s the Actionloop Twist master!