Summer Sale: 25% OFF ALL in-stock items now have Summer Sale with 25% off on all in-stock items. The Summer Sale makes importing games cheaper. PSP, PS3 and DS games are regionfree, while a lot of Xbox 360 games are region free too. So you can find yourself some great bargins.

From Play-Asia’s press release:

Think about summer, think about the beach, the sea and all that fun! is a sea of popular games, movies, discs and toys, come catch your long time favorites and discover lots more, join the many happy swimmers, sun bathers and octopus catchers at the seaside this summer!

Get ready to hit the beaches as the Summer Sale will commence from this very moment onwards towards the 20th of July, all in stock items will be reduced by 25% (yes you’ve read correctly, a whopping 25%!), just spot our Summer Sales mascot, the octopus, on our many product pages and catch him.

The octopuses are running loose throughout the website and only stay on a product page for as long as it is in stock. Some products are restocked regularly so octopuses come back every so often while others have limited availability so the octopuses never return once they are caught.