AmigaOS 4.1 announced

A new version of Amiga OS have been announced.

Here’s a quote from the press release at

Antwerp, Belgium – 11 July, 2008.

Hyperion Entertainment is very pleased to announce that Amiga OS 4.1 has gone into final testing and is scheduled for release mid-Q3/2008. Building on the solid foundations of Amiga OS 4.0, Amiga OS 4.1 introduces a wealth of substantial new functionality which is a prerequisite for the deployment of industry standard applications on the Amiga platform.

State-of-the-art applications such as modern web-browsers, productivity software or digital imaging software typically operate on large datasets with a corresponding memory footprint which rapidly outstrips the physical memory of any computer system. Amiga OS 4.1 offers intelligent memory paging and uses transparent disk based memory – but only when you need it.

A non-exhaustive list of key new functionality of Amiga OS 4.1:

  • Intelligent memory paging
  • Hardware compositing engine (Radeon R1xx and R2xx family)
  • Implementation of the “Cairo” device-independent 2D rendering library
  • Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) support for greater digital camera compatibility
  • JXFS filesystem with the support for drivers and partitions of multiple terabyte size
  • Improved Workbench functionality
  • New and improved DOS functionality (full 64 bit support, universal notification support, automatic expunge and reload of updated disk resources)
  • Improved 3D hardware accelerated screen-dragging
  • Reworked AmiDock with true transparency
  • Reworked Warp3D Radeon drivers with new functionality
  • And much, much more.

One Response to “AmigaOS 4.1 announced”

  1. Dekamore Says:

    i would love to have my Amiga OS 4.1 work on my Wii, Xbox360, or PS3

    long live Amiga and please let me run in on my PC. not some old slow mac. i know it will run as good as my system on the slow MAC but think how good it can run on my new PC.

    where can i get a copy of OS 4.1 when its out.