Xbox 360: Coffeetime Crosswords on XBLA

This week you can download Coffeetime Crosswords on Xbox Live Arcade.

Coffeetime Crosswords

Prepare for a true crossword challenge as you test your skills in Coffeetime Crosswords™. Try for the high score as you progress through more than 150 crosswords developed by Penny Press™. Play together with a friend in co-op mode and help each other solve the crosswords. Gather your wits, prepare yourself to be entertained, and challenge your crossword prowess.

  • Lots of quality puzzles: More than 150 crossword puzzles to test your wits have been crafted for all skill levels by the puzzle mavens at Penny Press.
  • Multiplayer: Team up with a friend in co-op mode and solve the puzzles together.
  • Achievements: Earn points for twelve new achievements.