Where in the World is Alan Wake?

I was amazed when I first saw Alan Wake videos in 2005. The way they presented the game made me want it. But since then, we’ve only seen a new trailer in 2006, and then nothing. So Where in the World is Alan Wake?

I did hope that E3 2008 would have given us some more information about the game, but it looks like we have to wait. Alan Wake is made by Remedy for Xbox 360 and Windows Vista.

So in the wait for some new, I give you the trailers we all have seen and a quote from IGN.com:

When Alan Wake was first announced, the video and the description seemed all too vague and a little heady for my tastes. What do I want to know about a depressed writer who is having troubles with his dreams? My first, uninformed opinion was “Booorrr-ring.” Funny how a good demo can change your mind.

Alan Wake is a single-player, offline, action-adventure game; or, as Remedy likes to call it, a “cinematic action thriller.” Notice how the words “survival horror” weren’t part of the description? Like the folks behind Alone in the Dark or even Irrational Games and its “first-person shooter,” BioShock, part of this new generation of games is about changing old perceptions, creating new experiences and innovating new gameplay. If the game of Alan Wake plays remotely like the demo we witnessed today, you’re going to want it. It’s gorgeous, smartly thought out, and scary.

If you haven’t heard the backstory yet, let me inform you. Alan Wake is a writer who is writing a novel. It’s going OK, but as soon as he connects with his new girlfriend Alice, the writing really takes off. He writes a psychological thriller that almost writes itself. Interestingly, the narrative is somewhat autobiographical and a lot the material comes straight from Wake’s dreams. Once complete, the book hits the top of the sales charts, becomes a best seller, and everyone lives happily ever after.