Wii: Virtual Console – Europe – Friday July 18th, 2008

On Friday July 18th, 2008, Europe got two new WiiWare titles to download on Nintendo Wii.

Pirates: The Key of Dreams

Set sail to recover the fabled Key of Dreams, held by the swarthy cutthroat himself, Blackbeard! Traverse the dangerous seas, blasting the dastardly brigands with your cannons – or bring out the big guns, like rockets, mines and flamethrowers!

SPOGS Racing

In this unique racing game, burn rubber in your SPOG (a giant tyre bearing your special emblem) across wild tracks, complete with loop-the-loops and crazy twists and turns! Take on your opponents with a wide range of wacky power-ups, or race a friend in the split-screen two-player mode.

Soruce: Nintendo.co.uk