Wii: WiiWare – Europe – Friday August 15th, 2008

There are two new WiiWare titles available for Europe today, Friday August 15th, 2008.

My Aquarium
WiiWare – 15/08/2008 – Hudson Soft – relaxtion – 1 player – 500 points – age 3+

Swaying aquatic plants… Fish idly swimming about… My Aquarium is a relaxin Wii Software experience which allows you to enjoy a virtual aquarium in your spare time.

regardless of fresh or saltwater, you can select from over 40 popular types of fish including favourtes like the Ocellaris Clownfish, the Freshwater Angelfish and the Asian Arowana. You can also create up to six different aquariums and personalize them by adding decorations like seaweed and drift wood.

In My Aquarium, you can send aqariums to your registred friends. The aquarium can even be set with special dates, such as a friend’s birthday, when the wish will commemorate it with a dance.

Feed your fish and watch them steadily grow from fry to adult. Then, after meeting certain conditions, you can breed them!

Anoteher fun feature will allow you to interact with your fish using your Wii Remote, such as “tapping” the glass of your aquarium!

Strong Bad Episode 1 – Homestar Ruiner
WiiWare – 15/08/2008 – Telltale Games – adventure – 1 player – 1000 points – age 12+

Charming. Suave. Awsome. these are the words Strong Bad would use to decribe himself. in a world gone mad, only one man can be trusted to save the day. A man with an attidue. A amn called Strong Bad.

As the star of the Homestar Runner web cartoons, Strong Bad has been ansvering emails (in boxing gloves), pranking his friends, pummeling his enemies and making people with questionable taste squirt milk out of their noses for years. Now he’s branched out to star in Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attravtive People, a 5-epsiode series.

In Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner. When Strong Bad’s plans to beat the not out of Hpmestar backfire, he ends up with an unwated houseguest cramping his style. Now he needs to get life back to normal, by any means possible. But wait, there’s more! Teen Girl Squad comics! Achievements! Funny Costumes! Arcade games! You can even send pictures and emails to Wii friends using Strong Bad’s computer! So how about it? Can you handle Strong Bad’s style?