Xbox 360: Galaga Legions on XBLA

This weeks Xbox Live Arcade game is Galaga Legions and will cost you 800 points when its available on Wednesday August 20, 2008.

Galaga Legions

The original Galaga captivated players all over the world, and now … it’s back with Galaga Legions! But this isn’t just a boring remake! Featuring table-turning game dynamics, super-slick visuals, and mind-blowingly vast waves of enemies, this is the definitive version of the arcade shooter classic!

  • Classic Galaga action redefined: Galaga, the classic top-down arcade shooter released by Namco in 1981, is many fans’ favorite arcade game of all time. Now, completely updated and revitalized, Galaga Legions bursts onto the scene with new game dynamics and spectacular graphics.
  • Achievements: New achievements are offered for you to conquer. Show the world your old-school Galaga skills are new school enough to beat them!