Xbox 360: Shred Nebula, Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball and Gin Rummy on XBLA this week

This week, Wednesday September 3rd, three new Xbox Live Arcade games was made available. Shred Nebula and Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball is 800 points each, while Gin Rummy is 400 points.

Shred Nebula

Shred Nebula combines the best elements of arcade space-shooter action with free-roaming exploration and multiplayer excitement. Pilot the experimental R.I.P. Rocket through the galaxy in search of the Lost Expeditions … no ship has ever returned from the vastness of interstellar space!

This top-down, fast-paced ship-combat game features three loaded modes of play—Adventure, Score Attack, and Multiplayer. Play co-op with your friends, or go head-to-head in a deathmatch dogfight. No one knows what lies in the center of the galaxy. Will you be the first to discover the secrets of the gravitational region known as The Shred and make it home alive?

  • Special effects: The revolutionary ship physics, cutting edge controls, and fresh gameplay help re-define Arcade space combat. The awesome special effects and spectacular space environments utilize 3-D to create infinite depth and a colorful look unrivaled in any space game to date.
  • Game modes: There are three different intense modes of play for all styles, such as Adventure, Score Attack, and Multiplayer Space Death Match. Get ready for insane multiplayer action for up to eight players on Xbox LIVE and system link or take a friend online via split screen guest account!
  • Space combat: The deep multiplayer space combat system, with weapon vs. weapon counters, defensive maneuvers, amazing special attacks, and more features have never before been seen in this genre.
  • Heroic ship: Play as the R.I.P. Rocket vs. tons of unique enemies or become the enemy in multiplayer selecting from eight ships all with totally different abilities. Battle to conquer all foes and become the top dog of the leaderboards!

Gin Rummy

Enjoy challenging variations of the classic card game Gin Rummy. Strategically select the right cards to complete sets of combinations, minimizing the risk of getting caught with a poor hand. “Knock” out your opponent with high scores and bonus points, and enjoy video chat with players from around the world for endless hours of casual card game fun.

  • Six popular game modes: Challenge your opponents to a game of Classic Gin Rummy, Speed Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Gin, Hollywood Gin, Three-Hand Gin, or even customize your own rules.
  • Rapid auto-scoring: Immediate automatic scoring at the end of each match also provides a detailed breakdown of each player’s total accrued points and bonuses.
  • Unique game themes: Choose from colorful game skins, artistic card decks, and entertaining music selections.
  • Multiplayer matches: Test your skills in a real-time multiplayer match with up to three other competitors.
  • Xbox LIVE Vision: Video chat with your friends over Xbox LIVE Vision for a knock-out time.