The new DSi announced

Today, Thursday October 2nd, Nintendo announced on a press conference (Fall Summit) in Japan, the new DSi. The new DSi will be 12% thinner than the DS Lite. The GBA slot is removed, it will have two cameras (one VGA), the screen is 3.25 inch (about 17% bigger than on the DS). The DSi will have a SD card slot for storage, a built-in browser (I read somewhere that it was Opera). You will be able to download DSiWare at 200, 500 or 800 Nintendo points (GBP 1.70 / 4.25 / 6.80).

The Nintendo DSi will be out in Japan on November 1st, 2008. And it will probably hit Europe some time in the Spring 2009. It will cost around ¥189,000 (approx. US $178) and the DSi will come in Black and White.


Official DSi page

DSi details, taken from

  • Two 3.25-inch screens – 17% bigger than the DS Lite model.
  • One 3-megapixel camera, maximum resolution 640×480 (photos editable using stylus).
  • No GBA support…
  • … replaced by an SD slot!
  • Overall 12% thinner than the DS Lite.
  • Opera web browser now built-in as part of the firmware.
  • Downloadable games, known as DSiWare (storable on SD)
  • Some DSiWare free, others will cost 200/500/800 Points, with 1000 initially free to all.
  • Improved audio capabilities – pitch and playback options added.
  • Releasing in black and white “flavours”.