New release-date for The Sims 3 – June 5th, 2009


The Sims games have sold millions of copies over the years. And fans all over the world have been waiting for the next game: The Sims 3. Original release date was end of February, 2009. But then the news hit the Net that the game was delayed. Well, the wait is over, at least for a new release date. The Sims 3 will be released on June 5th (June 2nd in US). So if you don’t have the money now, start saving.

Here is the pressrelease taken from

“The Sims 3 is an incredible game that lets you play with life, create art and show off your creations,” said Ben Bell, Executive Producer, The Sims 3. “In the game, players are inspired by endless creative possibilities like the new Traits and Lifetime Wish features which allow players to create Sims with real personalities and destinies. Players can then take their Sim into town to interact with other Sims in the game and capture the action on video to show off online.”

“The June launch combined with the break-through game the team is building gives us the perfect runway to create awareness for The Sims 3,” said Russell Arons, Vice President of Marketing for EA. “The Sims 3 will be the summer blockbuster of 2009 as we build off the success of the best-selling PC videogame of all time to create awareness with both loyal Sims fans and new players.”

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